Legal Challenge
Legal challenge of Section 13 (Marc Lemire constitutional challenge)
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Political Challenge
The political challenge to Section 13 and media articles
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What is Section 13?
History and operation of Section 13, and CHRC totalitarianism.
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Victims of Section 13
Writers, webmasters, magazines, Christians, the entire list of victims
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Books and Videos
Get one of these informative booklets and videos on Section 13 
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Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act is the Single Biggest Threat to Freedom in Canada

Section 13 is Canada's internet censorship provision. Administered by the fanatical thought police at the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission, it has been used to attack over 100 Canadians since it's inception in the 1970's.  Close to half of all cases are by former CHRC employee. Victims of the CHRC include: writers, website owners, magazine publishers, Christians and participants on online message forums. Section 13 has been used to censor, harass and even spy on Canadians. 


Latest news on Section 13

To stay informed with the latest news on Section 13 and the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission:

Dec 10, 2014: Quebec "Human Rights" Commission wants to regulate Internet "hate speech" now

[July 29, 2014: The Obituary of CHRC Censorship [Part 3] Section 13 Goes Mainstream: The Mark Steyn / Macleans Case] August 1, 2014: MARK STEYN: Complaining about Insufficient Complaints

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Lemire Constitutional Challenge of Section 13

Legal challenge of Section 13 before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. The most serious challenge ever filed. To date: 26 hearing days, 8 interveners and 11 witnesses in 4 cities.  In Sept, 2009, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal found that Section 13 was unconstitutional and an infringement of Charter rights to freedom of expression. [Feb 4, 2014: Court of Appeals rules that Internet Censorship via Section 13 is great! Court of Appeals rules that Internet Censorship via Section 13 is great!  | The Blogosphere Comments on decision]

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Marc Lemire Case [Paperback $15]


Political Strategy to Repeal Section 13

Spearheaded by Conservative MP Brian Storseth C-304 (An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act (protecting freedom) Support has been overwhelming from the media, opinion journalists and Canadians.  In the last few years Liberal MP Keith Martin also brought a motion to the House of Commons to repeal Section 13.

[July 29, 2014: The Obituary of CHRC Censorship [Part 3] Section 13 Goes Mainstream: The Mark Steyn / Macleans Case  )

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What is Section 13?

The complete history of Section 13 and the operations of the CHRC. Lays out in detail how the law has become nothing more than a tool of censorship and repression. 

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Victims of Section 13

From the very first - John Ross Taylor, to the latest victims including Macleans Magazine, Catholic Insight Magazine, FreeDominion, Marc Lemire, Melissa Guille and many others. 

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Books and Videos on Section 13

Booklets on CHRC censorship, the constitutional challenge, Debunking Hate Laws, internet censorship and much much more. 

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Support the legal challenge of Section 13

The hardest fight is the legal one.  The legal team challenging Section 13 needs your help to continue.  Please click on this link and donate.  Your Donations = OUR Survival! 

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In Memory of Douglas Christie, Canada's Greatest Freedom Fighter

April 1946 - March 11, 2013

Feb 12, 2014: 1999 - The Battle of Vancouver - Douglas Christie faces down a mob of rabid loonies

Jan 24, 2014: 1991 - Doug Christie on CBCs 'On The Line' - debating Freedom of Speech for Teachers [Douglas Christie Memorial Video Archive]

Jan 13, 2014: Doug Christie debates freedom of speech on CBC's "Petrie in Prime" from 1993 [Douglas Christie Memorial Video Archive]

Oct 2, 2013: Doug Christie exposes the attacks on freedom in Canada from 'Ritual Defamation' to Impact Prosecutions

Sept 20, 2013: Douglas Christie comments on the 1998 Controversy about Internet Freedom (Bernard Klatt case)

Sept 14, 2013: Doug Christie at the Sheraton Centre on Book Burning and an Out of Control State Tyranny (1998)

Sept 7, 2013: Doug Christie: Free Speech is the Issue! (1997)

Aug 30, 2013: Ernst Zundel Meets Doug Christie and Keltie Zubko for first time - 1984 [Douglas Christie Memorial Video Archive]

Aug 23, 2013: Doug Christie Message to the CLR: Hammers CSIS, Police, CHRC and other Enemies of Freedom (1997) [Douglas Christie Memorial Video Archive]

Aug 18, 2013: Doug Christie exposes CSIS Agent Grant Bristow and the whitewash "Heritage Front Affair" Report (1995)

Aug 9, 2013: Doug Christie speaks in Great Britain on the importance of freedom around the world (1995)

Aug 2, 2013: Doug Christie Speaks in New Brunswick on the importance of freedom (1988)

July 29, 2013: Doug Christie on BBC's '5th Column' exposing the Fraud of so-called "War Crimes Trials" (1990)

July 20, 2013: Doug Christie Speaks on the loss of Freedom of Thought in Canada (1986)

July 14, 2013: Doug Christie on Freedom of Religion in Canada and the Malcolm Ross Case (1995)

July 4, 2013: Doug Christie on building a secure and free community for freedom minded citizens

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  "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act" - George Orwell 

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